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Victory Orthodox Apostolic Faith Church

8053 South May Street

Chicago, Illinois  60620-1668

Church Office - 773-723-1071

Bishop Robert McKinstry - Pastor


Click below to view our most recently Videotaped Worship Service ... Our Annual Youth Day Service - 2017

Guest Speaker: Elder Joshua Shelton - ISYA President






Bishop Dr. Reese Price, Jr. -  Founder

Celebration of Life

Senior Bishop Dr. Reese Price, Jr.

"The Miracle Man"

June 30, 1931 - August 19, 2010


Below is a Media Ministry Video with selections ... prepared under the direction of his daughter, Sharon Jones... of excerpts taken from audio cassettes and VHS Video Tapes of sermons by Bishop Price. Following that is a Photo Montage of selected stills ...prepared under the direction of his daughter, First Lady Anna Christopher... of Bishop Price, family (His Faithful Wife, 11 Children, 59 grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren, five Sons-in-Law, three Daughters-in-Law), and friends.


"Dearest Husband, I thank you with all of my heart for sharing this journey called life.

I'll be forever grateful that I was blessed to be your wife.

Grateful to have held your hand.  To have loved you throughout the years, amidst 

life's joys and challenges, in times of happiness and tears."

First Lady Ruth Price



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