"The Best Sermons of Eld. S.C. Kendrick"


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Elder S.C. Kendrick is the National Evangelist for the Apostolic Overcoming Holy Churches of God, Inc. (A.O.H.).  He was saved, baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, and filled with the Holy Ghost in 1944, and was baptized in the ministry in 1945 and has been ministering for over 60 years.  He is married to Lady Loretta Kendrick.


As we continue to transfer his audio cassette and VHS Videotape library of sermons to Digital CDs and Digital DVDs you can be a blessing to his ministry by making a donation to obtain his CDs or DVDs ... Presented in their Entirety ... by calling Lady Kendrick at Cell:  773-934-4720.


We pray that you are blessed and that there is a word for you in this months' Highlighted Sermon from, “The Best Sermons of Elder S.C. Kendrick”.


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                  Sermon Subject: "Come Now Let Us Reason Together".